Hollywood Sign

In just the last few weeks…

Ben and Jennifer
Blake and Miranda
And then yesterday, Reba and Narvel followed closely by Gwen and Gavin a few hours later…

So what can we learn from these high profile splits?

Shit happens. To anyone. No exception. Money, fame and talent do not make you exempt from loss. When a celebrity experiences something so very basic and human as heartache they make themselves relatable. We understand, we get it. We’ve all been there at one time in our lives.

In a celebrity divorce, we, the general public (who has never even met them let alone had a personal conversation with them) has an opinion… What they should have done, could have done, what we would have done different. We may even proclaim such bold statements (you know, because we’re such bff’s and have the exclusive insider scoop) like someone cheated, someone married up, or someone had ulterior motives.

Just as we are pretty clueless to the personal details surrounding a celebrity divorce so are those in the outer circle of your life when it comes to the reasons behind your split. You may feel the need to sling mud or defend your actions and decisions but let’s be honest… celebrity or not, it’s no one’s business and discussion is not required.

While there may be less money, assets and properties to divide… Celebrity or Joe-Schmo divorce, a few things will be the same:

1. People will take sides.
2. There will be speculation as to who’s at fault.
3. Friends will be lost. Friends will be gained.
4. Rumors and innuendos will swirl in the air.
5. Everyone will have an opinion.

No one likes his or her every move discussed or scrutinized but at least your personal business isn’t easily searchable by keyword.

Smooches xo